Jo Ann Long, known as “A Voice in the City” is a Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Author & Publisher, Educator, Community Activist, renowned Radio Talk Show Host. Television Minister, and Friend.  She has always been a visible, active member of the Church of Jesus Christ and the Community Worldwide.  She is Feminine, Confident and Timeless.

Apostle/Bishop Jo Ann Long began preaching and doing the work of the ministry in her youth and was licensed and ordained by the late Bishop H.W. Goldsberry, and the late Bishop J.O. Patterson, C.O.G.I.C. in 1962.  She has ministered the gospel for over 50 years, winning the lost, transforming lives, healing the heartbroken and proclaiming freedom to all.

She is currently Founder and Senior Pastor of the New Covenant Life Church.  Bishop of New Life Kingdom Ministerial Association providing Apostolic covering for several Churches in the U.S.A., Africa and Europe.  Her reach is family and leadership development. 

From 1972 to 1986, she served as Co-Founder and Assistant Pastor of the Bethel Temple of Chicago Church (COGIC).  Also the Co-Founder of Bethel Temple of Sacramento in Sacramento, California in 1967.  Prior to that and since intermittedly Evangelized Globally.  Assigned to Encourage, Educate and Empower Men and Women Worldwide.  She established and assisted others in start up churches and schools, both locally, nationally and globally.  She has traveled extensively, around the world, embracing Missions and the needs of the hurting, less fortunate.  She is a highly respected and sought after Global Conference Speaker.

She pioneered regionally, Woman to Woman Ministries, The Prayer Breakfast concept, Marriage & Family Ministries, Singles Ministries and Annual Day of Prayer “for men only” and etc.

She is also renowned for her media outreach in radio and television.  She brought her insightful wisdom and spiritual perspective on love, marriage and family wholeness to the airwave and became a household name throughout Chicagoland with her Radio Show with Crawford Broadcasting Company.  As a result, Mr. Donald P. Crawford contracted her as a daily talk show host and “Let’s Talk About Marriage and The Family” was established.  She became known as a Presence and a Powerful “Voice in the City.”  She hosted many Religious, Social, Political and Humanitarian Events in Chicagoland, Indiana, Wisconsin and Missouri.  She has been a contributing writer for several local newspapers and magazines. She has also Authored and Published, a cookbook, pamphlets, booklets and two books “Power of Strength” and “Intimacy Under Siege.”

She is the recipient of many awards and commendations just to name a few, Today’s Black Phenomenal Woman; the “Trailblazer Award” Rainbow/Push & Citizen Education Fund, Rev. Jesse L. Jackson Sr.; Honored as one of The Best Minds, Best Messengers and Best Ministries/Midwest.  Dominicks (the food chain, recognized her accomplishments in Woman of the Year.); Honored in Women of Excellence Award. 

She has served on various boards National and International to name a few, The Idahosa University in Lagos/Benin City, Nigeria the first accredited Christian University in Nigeria; the Hilliard Vocational Bible Institute in Houston, Texas; Advisory Board Member of FOX Chicago/TV; Appointed by Chicago’s Mayor, Richard M. Daley, as Commissioner of the 21st Century Infrastructure of City Government and Clergy Advisory Board to Illinois Governor.

Founder & CEO of Urban L.O.V.E. Community Development 501(c)(3);  She is a community activist still in the struggle for social justice, equality and sustainability especially for Women and Children which is evidenced in her Passion and Persuasion.  She established the Rahab and Joseph House of Hope Complex (A supportive temporary housing & economic development program) solely supported by donations and supporters for women/men/children homeless, abandoned, short on hope.  

A Certified Domestic Violence Advocate, Illinois.  Life Coach.  Her sincerity and anointing has always been evident since her youth.  The results have been the salvation and transformation of so many lives families being restored.  Natural Health Professional.  Pro-Actively fighting to help the HIV/AIDS generation (stimulated through the lost of her late husband).  Healthy, Wealthy, Whole. 

She also serves as a member in good standing of the A.A.C.C. (American Association of Christian Counselors) and B.A.C.C. (Black Association of Christian Counselors). 

She has also worked in many fields (Federal Government and Private Industry) as Secretary/Stenographer/Office Manager, Educator, Telephone Operator, Wedding Design Planner, Florist and Caterer.
Dr. Jo Ann Long's