•Dr. Jo Ann Long is a “Glocal Voice,” and a Leading expert in transforming lives, marriage and family relationships. She is renowned for her reach in the Media, through radio, television and the Internet for 50 years. She is the “’Di!erence Maker,” Encouraging, Educating and Empowering Love & Unity in Marriages and Families. Written helpful
resource materials and is the Author of “The Power of Strength” and “Intimacy Under Siege,” both best sellers, “Intimacy Is A Privilege,” “The ABC’s of Intimacy” and “Confessions: Good For The Soul: It’s Benefits.” She has written numerous publications and appeared as a featured writer in Newspapers & Magazines.

•Dr. Long is a recipient of numerous awards, such as “Today’s Black Phenomenal Woman,” “The Trail Blazer Award,” “Women of Excellence, Woman of the Year” (Dominicks), and “Best Minds, Best Messengers & Best Ministries/Midwest.”

•She has also served on numerous Boards locally and internationally; The Idahosa University in Lagos/Benin City, Nigeria the first accredited Christian University in Nigeria; the Hilliard Vocational Bible Institute in Houston, TX; Advisory Board Member, FOX /Chicago TV. She was also appointed as a Commissioner of the 21st Century
Infrastructure of City Government by the Honorable Richard M. Daley, former Mayor of Chicago, Illinois. A!ording her the opportunity to work with The Deloitte Consulting, the world’s largest management consulting firm in Strategy & Operations, Human Capital & Technical Services. Served as Clergy Advisory Board member to Illinois

•Dr. Long is an International Traveler, Motivational Speaker, and Relationship Counselor who has received credentials conferred by various schools. She has earned her Master and Doctor of Theology in Religious Education. Licensed Christian Counselor and member of A.A.C.C. (American Association Christian Counselors) and B.A.C.C. (Black
Association Christian Counselors). Certified Domestic Violence Advocate, Illinois.Works pro active in HIV/AIDS help/support group. Natural Health Professional. Serve as Mentor for High School, College, University Students, locally & globally.

•Dr. Long is the Founder and CEO of Urban L.O.V.E Community Development 501(c)(3) and a community activist in the struggle for social justice, equality and sustainability for men, women and families who are abandoned, homeless, and short on “hope,” by providing temporary housing which results in lives being transformed and restored.

•She is a dynamic, anointed speaker who has appeared on several TBN programs, including Praise The Lord, 700 Club, 100 Huntley Street, Word Network, Impact Network, and World Harvest TV (Sumrall), and international television programs (Africa). She has been featured in national magazines and newspapers.

•Dr. Jo Ann Long is a wife, mother, grand, former educator, at an alternative High School. She is the happy Senior Pastor and Founder of New Life Believers Church in Chicago, Illinois, formerly New Covenant Life Church. She is also Bishop of New Life Kingdom Ministries where she has planted and is the covering of several churches.
Dr. Jo Ann Long's